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Exotic and Rare Plants

We stock a wide range of exotic and rare plants, from perennials to shrubs, trees to cacti and ferns for the increasing popularity of exotic gardening. They are not grown for the houseplant industry and many of the plants are exposed to lower temperatures, often moved outside after the frosts have passed to build up their resistance to outdoor conditions. Many will have been growing outside since late April, exposed to the elements and all manner of bugs and beasties to toughen them up for use in outdoor gardens so they are not going to be houseplant mint.

If you want perfect looking houseplants that have been grown in a fully heated, hi-tech, artificially lit Glasshouses, where growing conditions are kept optimal all year round, are pesticided to death and given growth hormones to maintain the foliage and roots at exactly the right size for months on end then I am afraid our plants are not for you, but there are many other places that do such as Garden Centers, supermarkets, DIY stores etc. More information about what we do can be found in the WINTER PROTECTION & COLD HARDINESS section at the bottom of the page.

Not all the plants will be available right through the year so it might be worth sending us an email with your required list before purchasing with a substitute list if required.

If you are happy for us to put in substitutes of our choice, delete and refund for plants that are unavailable or put a hold on the order until the plants you have ordered are ready then please use the shopping cart as usual. All plants are listed in alphabetical order by their species /scientific names, not by their common names. All plants are sent in 9cm pots unless specified otherwise.